1895 Census of Germans in the Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a list of places in the Province of Buenos Aires where German immigrants are found in the 1895 Census. By clicking on each place you will find a list of German people settled in that area, each name followed with its birth year. Find your German relatives in Argentina and let your family tree grow.

Germans in Adolfo AlsinaGermans in Almirante BrownGermans in Arrecifes
Germans in AvellanedaGermans in AyacuchoGermans in Azul
Germans in Bahia BlancaGermans in BalcarceGermans in Baradero
Germans in BolivarGermans in BragadoGermans in Brandsen
Germans in CampanaGermans in CanuelasGermans in Capitan Sarmiento
Germans in Carmen de ArecoGermans in CastelliGermans in Chacabuco
Germans in ChascomusGermans in ChivilcoyGermans in Colon
Germans in Coronel DorregoGermans in Coronel PringlesGermans in Coronel Suarez
Germans in DoloresGermans in Exaltacion de La CruzGermans in Florencio Varela
Germans in General AlvaradoGermans in General ArenalesGermans in General Belgrano
Germans in General GuidoGermans in General La MadridGermans in General Lavalle
Germans in General PazGermans in General PintoGermans in General Pueyrredon
Germans in General RodriguezGermans in General VillegasGermans in Guamini
Germans in JuarezGermans in JuninGermans in La Plata
Germans in LapridaGermans in Las ConchasGermans in Las Flores
Germans in Las HerasGermans in LincolnGermans in Loberia
Germans in LobosGermans in Lomas de ZamoraGermans in Lujan
Germans in MagdalenaGermans in MaipuGermans in Mar Chiquita
Germans in Marcos PazGermans in MatanzasGermans in Mercedes
Germans in MerloGermans in MonteGermans in Moreno
Germans in MoronGermans in NavarroGermans in Necochea
Germans in Nueve de JulioGermans in OlavarriaGermans in Patagones
Germans in PehuajoGermans in PergaminoGermans in Pila
Germans in PilarGermans in PuanGermans in Quilmes
Germans in RamalloGermans in RauchGermans in Rojas
Germans in SaavedraGermans in SaladilloGermans in Salto
Germans in San Andres de GilesGermans in San Antonio de ArecoGermans in San Fernando
Germans in San IsidroGermans in San MartinGermans in San Nicolas
Germans in San PedroGermans in San VicenteGermans in Suipacha
Germans in TandilGermans in TapalqueGermans in Trenque Lauquen
Germans in Tres ArroyosGermans in TuyuGermans in Veinticinco de Mayo
Germans in VillarinoGermans in Zarate

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