1895 Census of Germans in Bragado, Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a list of places in the Province of Buenos Aires where German immigrants are found in the 1895 Census. By clicking on each place you will find a list of German people settled in that area, each name followed with its birth year. Find your German relatives in Argentina and let your family tree grow.

Name Birth Year
Alberto Boid1857
Alberto Mayer1869
Bernardo Bainkmann1862
Carlos Deorient1870
Carlos Kripo1865
Eduardo Con1849
Eduardo Deorient1869
Eduardo Fink1863
Federica Boigt1827
Guallerio Schmier1874
Guillermo Maier1852
Guillermo Monteno1837
Guillermo Voss1839
Hans Seiferi1866
Harry Eichler1865
Maria Grier1895
Pablo Erenberg1870
Pablo Got1854
Pedro Bertol1867

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