1895 Census of Germans in Dolores, Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a list of places in the Province of Buenos Aires where German immigrants are found in the 1895 Census. By clicking on each place you will find a list of German people settled in that area, each name followed with its birth year. Find your German relatives in Argentina and let your family tree grow.

Name Birth Year
Adolfo Freolinque1828
Bernardo Yesel1843
Cárlos Hause1870
Cárlos Reicht1847
Carolina De Heinmann Kastler1845
Carolina Wulk1861
Domingo Gianelle1870
Euri De C De Stejale1862
Gaspar Stang1857
Guillermo Striloker1843
Luis Beckschebe1839
Luis Pecheni1840
Luisa Gomes1841
Maria K. De Krebs1834
Maria Ulke1864
Pablo Ulke1855
Tadeo Stejale1855

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