1895 Census of Germans in Saladillo, Province of Buenos Aires.

This is a list of places in the Province of Buenos Aires where German immigrants are found in the 1895 Census. By clicking on each place you will find a list of German people settled in that area, each name followed with its birth year. Find your German relatives in Argentina and let your family tree grow.

Name Birth Year
Adolfo Gorling1855
Alfredo Chapes1841
Alverto Adlesflugel1863
Ana Kleppel1865
Augusto Beartecek1865
Enrique Pruxe1844
Enriqueta Walter1869
Erich Adlesflugel1891
Felix Pasdor1878
Frederico Kreidabada1841
Ida Boltes1861
Juan Mecalf1837
Juan Meyer1851
Julio Bruk1885
Maria Delle1845
Pedro Bruk1858
Roverto Bruk1892

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